Mission Statement

Jacksonville Trailblazers Basketball Club is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization focused on providing youth boys the necessary tools to mature as young men on the basketball court, in the classroom and in life. Success starts with academic achievement. The players in the organization recognizes the coaches make it a priority to all players in the organization are monitored on the academic level and are held to high standards.

Like legendary University of North Carolina basketball Coach Dean Smith said, “We strive to focus on three principles, play hard, play smart, and play together.” With each of our players giving maximum effort, thinking intelligently, and performing as one efficient group. There is no doubt we will accomplish all of the goals set forth for our organization.

Each year competition to win basketball scholarships at every level becomes more intense. Every legitimate means of gaining an edge toward securing an education and the opportunity to play at the college level is an “investment” in your future. The Jacksonville Trailblazers Basketball Club’s goal is to help young players become the best players they can be. The players and coaches are working hard in the off-season in preparation for the 2017 season.